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Blog about names and naming   For journalists seeking information about the topics "naming" and "brand creation": Werner Brandl's blog "Namedrop - Excursions into the wild world of names". Learn more about a lawn mower called “excavator” or a Romanian chocolate brand “Heidi”.

Unfortunately, only a treat for those speaking German.

What others write

A number of articles have been published about and by Werner Brandl, related to the topics naming, brand name creation, renaming, and rebranding. Unfortunately, they are written in German. If you want to know more about any of the following topics, drop us a line, and we will provide you with further information.
  • Babylonian Job Titles: About the sometimes strange phenomenon of English job titles in the German economy.
  • The Anabaptists: General article about brand name creation, quoting Werner Brandl and Manfred Gotta.
  • The antidote to a bad reputation: Discussion of name changes and rebranding strategies of companies in difficulties.
  • The name creator: Detailed portrait of naming guru Werner Brandl.
  • Baptizing the baby: General article about the relevance of brand names.
  • Name development - how to: A compact guide what to observe when looking for names.

What we write

Our press releases and articles are published in German. They often refer to phenomena related to the German market. However, we would like to give you some insight into the wide span of topics we cover. If you are interested in something along those lines - let us know. We will sort something out and devise a great text for you or help you with yours.
  • Replacing a provisionary "contactless": Finding a new trademark for a new contactless payment system to be introduced into the German banking market: "girogo".
  • Renaming something to make it more attractive: About the introduction of a new insurance product with an attractive descriptive German name. Linked to a project for Versicherungskammer Bayern.
  • Keeping the name, but refreshing the rest: About a new title concept for the largest German women's magazine. Related to a project elaborated for KFD / Frau und Mutter.
  • 5 GUM variant FLOOD: New name for a product launched in the European market. Based on a project elaborated for Wrigley.
  • Safari soup and goalgetter ketchup: A little survey about novelty product names related to the football world cup in 2010.
  • Powerful and sustainable: Finding a corporate brand name for a new key player in the German wood pellets market. Related to a project elaborated for a private equity investor.
  • A safe and good name: Introduction of a new and extremely safe card reader category branded "Secoder". Based upon a project elaborated for EURO Kartensysteme.
  • A likeable service trademark: Naming a new global service program for the food industry. Related to a project elaborated for Linde Gas.
  • German car names through the years: Automobile names becoming more and more international. Plus trends and fads.
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