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Since 2000, we have taken care of naming projects in the most diverse fields. Our philosophy is not 'one size fits all'. Our clients expect tailor-made precision, and this is what they get. Therefore, every project is conceived and implemented truly individually. Some exemplary projects illustrate this attitude.

First impression - 5 exemplary naming works

The following five select projects show the bandwidth of jobs and the individuality of their related naming solutions: National and international projects, creation and consulting, B2B and B2C. Two of them, Bosch Ixo and Toyota Aygo, originate from Werner Brandl's time as a project manager at Nomen in Duesseldorf.

Naming project list - a selection of successful naming projects

The spectrum of naming related issues dealt with so far, is very wide:
  • Product, company, and service names
  • Brand systems / name systems for portfolios
  • Descriptors / sub-brands / category markers etc.
  • Slogans / strap lines - creation and adaptation
  • Checks for linguistic and cultural compatibility
  • Name tests - qualitative and quantitative
And for those interested in even more insights and projects, here you find a
detailed list of references:

3m5.   WebEngineers

Corporate Denomination, 2016

Atomic   Izor®

Naming, 2005


Name Test, 2013


Name Check, 2016


Name Test, 2014


Name Consulting, 2013

BORA   BORA Ecotube

Product Name, 2016

Bosch   Ixo®

Naming, 2003

C.H. Beck Verlag

Consulting + Creation, 2014


Naming Consulting, 2016

DZ BANK   Kartenregie

Finance Service App, 2014

EURO Kartensysteme   girogo®

Service Trademark, 2012

EURO Kartensysteme   Secoder®

Category Branding, 2008


Title Redesign, 2011

Frequentis / DFS   Aerosense

Naming Workshop, 2018

Frequentis   Life-X®

Positioning + Name Creation Workshop, 2014

Frequentis   Vitalsphere®

Naming Workshop, 2015

Haufe / FIO   Axera®

Product Brand, 2016


Portfolio Name System, 2008

Julabo   Corio® / Dyneo®

Range Brand Names, 2014

Knorr-Bremse   Synact®

Brand Name, 2014

Kuechle   SweetSheets®

Name Development, 2006

Linde Gas   Avanto®

Service Trademark, 2006

Meravis   Mieterhilfe

Service Trademark, 2013

Mercateo   Mercateo Unite

Naming Workshop, 2016

Mueller   Froop®

Brand Creation, 2002

Private Equity   Woodox®

Corporate Brand, 2008

Private Equity   CoMedicum

Service Brand, 2016

Private Equity   IdeaMed

Company Name, 2016

Recaro CS   Privia / Optia / Citylife / Easylife

Name System + Brand Names, 2014

Rota Yokogawa

Name System, 2014

Segmueller   Sedona®

Trademark Creation, 2006

Sick   Pro / Prime / Core

Portfolio Markers, 2012

Testo AG

Brand Analysis, 2009

Testo AG   Saveris®

Product Brand, 2008

Testo AG

Strap Line Creation & Test, 2012

Toyota   Aygo®

Brand Name, 2005

Versicherungskammer Bayern   GenerationenDepot

Innovative Term Design, 2010

Versicherungkammer Bayern    Leistung zu Lebzeiten

Innovative Term Design, 2013

Versicherungskammer Bayern   StartSchutz

Innovative Term Design, 2011

Versicherungskammer Bayern   AlltagsManager + RehaManager

Innovative Term Design, 2011

WMF   Consumer Electric®

Branding + Consulting, 2011

Wrigley   Flood®

Subbrand, 2010

Wrigley   Turbulence®

Subbrand, 2011

We have a long track record and an extensive industries experience. If you want to find out more about it, check out the following lists:

Praxis case studies - projects in more detail

If you'ld like to know more about a wide range of projects, our case studies are perfect for you:
  • Develop an invented name for a measuring device
  • Naming for a B2B service trademark
  • Name test for an automobile
  • Name creation for a new subbrand in the food branch

Simply call or drop me a note.

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