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My professional approach, methodology, and network

My naming agency is highly specialized and focused on medium to large naming projects. And it is very personal. The guy you see in the initial presentation meeting - he is the person who will take care of your entire project.
And that's me, Werner Brandl.

The naming pro - my expertise is your guarantee

Werner Brandl is:
Project Manager and Chief Creator.
Naming and branding expert.
Linguist, state certified translator, and trademark inventor.
Shaped by studies at LMU Munich and Reed College, Portland/OR.

Portrait of expert to find trademarks

After working for the leading European naming firm Nomen for several years, Werner Brandl founded his own business in 2003. His naming agency is located in Munich, and he develops brand strategies and designs brand names for products and corporations. For the German, the European, and mostly for the global market.

Outstanding names via naming with a method: Neobrand®

Creative services must be executed according to verifiable and objective criteria. The success and the quality of our work are measurable. This is why we have integrated some strict controlling elements into our successful naming concept: the definition of objectives, the adaptation of goals, and the integration of feedback, to name but a few. Our logical method for creating new brands and refreshing existing ones has a name: Neobrand® 

Such a structured approach does not only give you fixed-time and on-budget results, but it also guarantees quality. In other words, you get a name that matches your project one hundred percent and contributes to its future success. Just like my past clients did.

Global network naming and IP partners

I am not alone. I have an excellent network of specialized naming agencies, designers and legal partners, naming pros with whom I have been working together successfully for many years.

World map with partner naming bureaus

And I am proud to introduce them to you:

Logo IP experts Charrier, Augsburg

Solicitor's Office Charrier, Rapp & Liebau in Augsburg, Germany
Versed patent attorneys and trademark lawyers, covering all issues of international IP and trademark law for my customers. If there is a conflict of interest, two other trusted partner firms from Munich are ready to help.

Logo of branding agency Catchword

Catchword in the San Francisco Bay Area & New York City
Since its start in 1998, the Catchword team has racked up an impressive record of names and taglines.They are the creators of such names as Starbucks Refreshers, Keysight, Shomi, Fitbit, or Photoshop Elements, among hundreds of others.

Logo of branding agency Labbrand, Shanghai

Labbrand in Shanghai
Our partner for all Chinese affairs. Labbrand have specialized in the adaptation of brand names to Chinese characters and also the creation of idiosyncratic brands for the Chinese market.

Logo of branding agency Naemes, Paris Naemes in Paris, France
Naemes is a subsidiary of branding specialist Daesk, located in Paris. Their expert team under the lead of Patrick Piriou with almost 20 years of work experience offers a wide portfolio of innovative branding services.

Logo of branding agency Nombra, Barcelona Nombra in Barcelona, Spain
The leading naming agency in the Spanish market. Experienced specialists with access to markets in Middle and South America. Their portfolio also comprises design, packaging, and brand assessment.

Logo of name expert Linda Liguori, Milano

Linda Liguori Brandnaming in Milano, Italy
Linda Liguori is a truly creative expert and is perfectly connected in the Italian agency scene. Before founding her own business, she worked for the Italian branch of European naming agency Nomen for many years.

Logo of branding agency Globrands, Amsterdam Globrands in Amsterdam 
This agency, led by Mike Dijkstra, has been around for a long time. Globrands tends to an impressive selection of Dutch and international enterprises in all naming related affairs.

And, of course, we have an international network of native language experts and brand specialists for name tests and linguistic services.

More about names in the blog of the naming pro

Blog about brand names and namingYou would like to read more about my philosophy and my attitude?
Check out my expert blog "Namedrop - Exkursionen in die Welt der Namen und des Namings" and take a glimpse into the brains of a naming guy.
Unfortunately, only a treat for those with a great command of the Deutsche Sprache.

A small selection of the type of articles you are about to find there: 
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